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Meet the Keyfit Life Team! These instructors are all everyday people who have committed to changing their lives and improving their health. Now, they bring their experience and expertise right to you each with their own unique style.  

Key's passion for creating healthier families is the foundation of KeyFit Life. After regaining her own health and losing over 70 lbs, she is dedicated to helping people radically change their lives through healthier habits.  


Bethany’s desire to get healthy helped her lose 100 pounds which she has maintained for over three years. This shifted her from taking classes to becoming a instructor and helping others on their healthy journey. 

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Full of fun and finesse, Margarita is a certified Zumba instructor. She brings a spark of creativity to every high energy workout. Dance and groove your way to health with her fast paced sessions.  


Derrick is a master motivator who will push you to the next level. His passion for health and fitness is evident in his training style. He loves designing programs that help you get in the best shape of your life. 

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Judi is a yoga enthusiast and self proclaimed promoter of self love. She has been practicing yoga for several years and teaching for over two years. With certifications in power yoga, Rocket and Yin, the joy of self discovery is what keeps her on the mat.


Kim is a committed and energetic instructor who is certified in MixxedFit. An inspiration to all those who are trying to start their fitness journey, her upbeat style brings the fun to getting fit. 

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Destiny has been dancing from the moment she could walk. With her wide smiles and ever so positive attitude, She brings the energy and believes exercise should be fun. Her Zumba classes are structured in a way to ensure that you have a great workout, burn lots of calories, shake some booty and leave with a boosted morale!

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